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N150 Increased Torq, Speed  125 to 0

N150 Increased Torq, Speed 125 to 0

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Ring-Roller Mechanical Variable Speed Drive Why sacrifice efficiency, accuracy, or range when you need a variable speed drive? Choose the Graham Ring-Roller and retain the advantages of a straight line induction motor drive and a drive which produces increased torque at the speeds where you need it most. While no infinitely variable speed drive can correctly be termed "positive" the Graham Ring-Roller provides better speed regulation with change in load than other types. Speed is unaffected by stretch of belts, change of resistance or wear of parts. Get the Graham Ring-Roller and you get a compact, one piece package of transmission, reducer, motor and control. Design Features: Graham Transmissions, the most recognized name in metallic traction drives, has perfected the Ring-Roller over the last 55 years. • Micrometer Handwheel Control on Unit or Remote • Unmatched Accuracy • Overload Protection • Wide Choice of Controls • Linear Speed Setting Mechanism • Torque Producing Elements Operate in the Presence of Traction Lube in Sealed Housing • Infinite Speed Range, Forward and Reverse • Full Torque Available to Zero RPM • Employs Compound Planetary Gear System With Control Ring and Tapered Rollers • Oil Lubricated and Cooled • Completely Mechanical • Wide Choice of Input Configurations, Motorized or Non-Motorized • Wide Choice of Output Configurations Including Speed Reducers and Increasers • Output Torques Up to 8000 in. lbs. • Virtually Maintenance Free
Mfg P/N 125R2.8
Input HP 1/4 HP at 1150 RPM
With Motor No
Speed Range 125 to 0
Max Speed Torq 85 in-lbs
1/10 Max Speed Torq 180 in-lbs
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