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Remote I/O Device

Remote I/O Device

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Autonics digital remote I/O – ARD Series The Autonics digital remote I/O-ARD is one of the most cost effective and advanced solutions for Device Net based industrial networking tools. Supports excellent extendibility and compatibility covering 4 types of communication. The ARD series includes various functions – auto communication speed identification, network voltage monitoring and status Flag monitoring. The ARD series also reduces maintenance costs and downtime with simple wiring, high reliability and superior noise resistance. FEATURES: • Each master unit is extendable to a Maximum of 63 basic modules • I/O module extension is available • Base Module • Each basic module has a max of 3 extendable modules • Max of 64 I/O control available (16 points / module x 4) • Easy maintenance • Real time monitoring with Auto Comm. and Auto Indentified communication speed • Capable of Network voltage monitoring: Max, Min, current network voltage check • Single byte I/O: 1 byte unit I/O for basic / extended modules • Multi byte I/O: multiple I/O possible up to the number of basic/extended modules • Status flag monitoring when network voltage is lower than SV
Control Output 10-28V DC / 10mA per 1point
Power 12 - 28VDC
I/O Point DC PNP output, 16 points
Module Base




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