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Pressure Sensor Vacuum 0.0~-101.3kPa NPN open collector

Pressure Sensor Standard 0~1,000kPa NPN open collector

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Pressure Sensors (PSB Series) PSB-V01 Pressure Sensors (PBS Series) Features: 1. Negative Pressure 2. 3 1/2 Digit LED 3. Rectangular 4. 0 to -101.3 kPa 5. 2 NPN/1-5 VDC Out 6. 12-24 VDC Specifications Pressure Type: Vacuum Dimensions: (W x H x L) 54 x 10.2 x 25 mm Rated Pressure Range: 0.0 ~ -101.3 kPa Display and Set Pressure Range: 5.0 ~ -10 1.3 kPa Connection: Standard (Cable integral) Output Type: NPN Max. Pressure Range: 2 times of rated pressure Applicable Fluid: Air, Non-corrosive gas Power Supply: 12 V - 24 VDC ±10% (Ripple P-P Max. 10%) Current Consumption: Max. 50 mA Control Output: Inflow current: Max. 100mA Load voltage: Max. 30VDC Residual voltage: Max. 1V Hysteresis: 1 digit (2 digit/psi) fixed Changable in F1 Mode Repeat Error: ±0.2% F•S ±1 digit Response Time: Selectable 2.5ms, 5ms, 100ms, 500ms Short-Circuit Protection: Including Analog Output: Max. ±2% F.S. (Max. ±1 at 25ºC) Display Method: 3 1/2 digit LED 7Segment Min. Display Interval: 1 digit (2 digits/psi unit: 2 digit fixed) Pressure Unit: kPa, kgf/cm², bar, psi, mmHg, mmH2O, inHg Characteristic of Control Output And Displayed Temp.: Max. ±1% F.S. (at 25 ºC) Analog Output Tem. Characteristic: Max. ±2% F.S. of display pressure at 25ºC within 0ºC to 50ºC
Mfg P/N PSB-1
Output NPN open collector
Volts 12-24DC
Pressure Standard
Range 0~1,000kPa
Input Port M5




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