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Inductive Proximity Sensor 2mm NPN, Normal Open 12-24VDC

Inductive Proximity Sensor 2mm NPN, Normal Open 12-24VDC (10-30V

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Inductive Proximity Sensors are the most common and affordable solution for no-touch object detection. The most commonly-used proximity sensor is the inductive type, which generates an electromagnetic field to sense metal objects passing close to its face. This is usually the easiest sensing technology to apply in applications where the metal object to be detected is within an inch or two of the sensor face. Autonics offers 12 products of 6 different types of proximity sensors, inductive and capacitive, and maintains No. 1 market share in Korea for more than 10 years and still endeavoring to advance product quality and sensing reliability up to the top level of global marketplace. If you are looking for the most cost effective and reliable proximity sensors, Autonics is the answer. FEATURES: • Shape: Cylindrical – Metal • Connection: Cable Outgoing • Cable Length: 2000mm • Sensor Length: Standard • Sensing Distance: 1.5mm • Size: M8 • Response Frequency : 800Hz • Improve the noise resistance by adopting dedicated IC (DC 3-wire) • Built-in protection circuit of reverse power polarity (DC 3-wire) • Built-in surge protection circuit • Built-in over current protection circuit (DC type). Except for PR08 type. • Long life cycle, high reliability with simple operation • Available to check the status of operation by Red LED indicator • Waterproof structure by IP 67 • Wide range of applications for replacement of micro switch, limit switch.
Mfg P/N PRA12-2DN
Size M12
Output NPN, Normal Open
Housing DC 3 Wire, Shield Type
Sensing Distance 2mm
Power Supply 12-24VDC (10-30VDC)




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