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5 Ton General Purpose, Single Acting Cylinder 2.24  (B/in)  Ht

10 Ton General Purpose, Single Acting Cylinder 15.91 (B/in) Ht

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Eagle Pro ES Series general purpose single acting cylinders are designed with all the features required at a demanding job site. • These cylinders are made from high strength alloy steel for the strength and reliability you count on. • The cylinder wall is computer honed to 0.2 microns ensuring a mirror like finish and a tight seal under high pressure loads. • Hardened and chromed pistons increase protection from the harsh work environments and increase durability. • Heavy duty center pull return springs are featured in all the ES series cylinders. Vital information such as serial number, • capacity, and lift is laser etched onto the outside of the cylinder, no more wondering if the cylinder will do the job. • All cylinders come standard with a high flow EAB-201A coupler and heavy duty rubber dust cap. • All ES series cylinders comply with ANSI/ASME B30.1 standards and feature a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects. • Hardened and chromed piston for increased durability and wear reduction • Heavy Duty, center mount, return springs for quick and reliable lowering • Collar threads, piston threads and base mounting holes enable easy fixturing • Environmentally friendly painting process provides a durable anti-corrosion finish • Complies with ASME B30.1 standard • High strength steel for durability and increased safety • Steel guide ring eliminates over travel, and provides support to reduce wear from off center loads • Grooved saddle for increased load stability • Heavy duty wiper ring keeps dust and debris out of the cylinder body, improving performance and service life of the cylinder • Industrial seal rings and secondary gasket provide additional support and prevents costly leaks • Fiber reinforced phenolic resin ring bearing provides additional support to reduce wear from lateral forces • Standard EAB-201 coupler on all cylinders provided with heavy duty dust cover • Capacity, model number, and serial number are laser etched into each cylinder. No more worrying about worn off labels Specifications: Collar Diameter (C/in) 2-1/4" - 14 Outside Diameter (D/in) 2.24 Piston Diameter (F/in) 1.5 Thread (V/in) 5/16" - 18UN
Mfg P/N ES-106
Oil Capacity 13.73 (in2)
Capacity (M-ton) 10 at 10000
Stroke 6.14 (in)
Effect Area 2.25 (in sq)
Collapsed Ht 9.76 (A/in)
Extended Ht 15.91 (B/in) Extended Ht




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