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C2000 DC Control

C2000 DC Control

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Cycletrol® Series C2000 The Cycletrol® Series DC adjustable speed controls provide rapid cycling capabilities, while offering higher reliability and lower maintenance compared to clutch/brake mechanisms. The Cycletrol C2000 Series DC drive provides rapid cycling up to 30 cpm. The C2000 serves as an accurate speed and cycling control and is covered by our two-year warranty. FEATURES: • All Cycletrol digital logic inputs are optically isolated • Versatile logic allows direct interfacing LED function lights • Torque limiting • Cycle rate up to 60 cpm allows quick, repetitive run/stop operation with cycling duty permanent magnet motors • Wide speed range with full torque available down to 9 rpm • Automatic cycling; eliminates external components and wiring • Start-up current (up to 400%) • Magnetic circuit breaker standard on NEMA 12 Encl models • The 150's reliability is exemplified by a two-year warranty. SPECIFICATIONS: Horsepower range 1/8 – 1 (120VAC) 1/8 - 1 (240VAC) Line voltage 120 or 240; 50/60 Hz; single phase Maximum duty cycle 30 cycles/minute continuous with typical 1 HP motor. Reflected load inertia does not exceed motor inertia. Output: Armature voltage (VDC) 0-90 (120VAC) 0-180 (240VAC) Speed Range: Armature Feedback: 50:1 full torque Speed Regulation: Armature Feedback: < 5% of base speed (for 95% lad change) Speed Variation: Due to Line Voltage Fluctuation <1% armature voltage change within input power range Due to Thermal Drift <2% for control; motor depends on application Ambient Temperature 32-122°F; 0-55°C (chassis) 32-104°F; 0-40°C (NEMA 12) Control Adjustments: Minimum Speed Fixed at Zero Maximum Speed 50% 115% of motor base speed Acceleration Fixed at 0.2 seconds Current Limit 10-150% control rating Inputs: Logic Input Start, Stop, Jog, Reset, Override Stop, Analog Speed Inputs 5K ohm, 1 watt, and potentiometer with each control. Isolated process signal LED Indicators Power
Mfg P/N 176B3008
Volts 240V
HP 1
Amps 6.1
Encl NEMA 12
Dim W9.81 x L5.44 x D6.12




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